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04 無料英語リスニング 先延ばしにするな

Don't Put Things Off

George H. Lonmer
"Putting off an easy thing makes it hard, and putting off a hard one makes it impossible."

What if you don’t wash your wet t-shirt with a chick printed on it for a long time? It will smell after a week, and the chick on it will be discolored after a month. After a year, it will be a bacterial heaven. Sending used clothing to developing countries is a wonderful idea, but not necessarily this one. Your chick t-shirt that hasn’t been washed in 1 year will not bring happiness, but only ethical questions from Africa.
Most things are easy when they are done quickly. Opening a text book which you haven’t read for a month is as painful as washing your chick t-shirt. On the other hand, reading a text book which you study every day is an easy thing to do, even if it is about ethics and bacteriology. Do your study now, and keep it easy.





03 教科書を小分けにしよう Slice your Textbook

Slice your textbook.

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a small step."
~ Lao Tzu ancient Chinese philosopher

People love to eat cake. It is sweet and delicious. But what if you have to eat a whole cake? You may be overwhelmed by the amount and hesitate to eat it, even if you know that it is delicious. If you take for example, Tokyo's famous souvenir, a box of chick-shaped snack called Hiyoiko, or, 5 portions of Liver-niraitame, which is sauteed leek and liver, and Yamanashi, a grape picking tour, you see things which are not designed to be eaten by a single person. If someone tried to eat all these, they would have a stomachache, and would have a nightmare mix of Yamanashi prefecture and liver and chicks. Of course, Japan is one of the most advanced industrial nations and, having high-tech toilets which even contain a self cleaning system, you don’t have to spend your whole weekend in there.
We can say the same thing about studying. If you try to read through your text book without stopping, you would be overwhelmed by the amount of material, even though the textbook may be interesting and insightful. Therefore, when you study, be sure to divide the material into small tasks. If you read 4 pages a day, you can finish the 200 page textbook in less than 2 months. Like you cut cake into a size you can manage, let's cut your study into the right size and enjoy it.


老子 古代中国の思想家


chick (名)ひこよ、ひな
sauteed ソテーにした、痛めた(フランス語源sautéed)
leek (名)ニラネギ
liver (名)肝臓(川はriver)
grape picking tour ブドウ狩りツアー
be designed to 〜するように作られている
stomachache (名)腹痛
nightmare (名)悪夢
advanced industrial nation 先進工業国
material (名)物質、材料、教材、資料
insightful (形)洞察力に富んだ


無料やる気英語リスニング02 気分に左右されるな

Don't wait for moods

“I don't wait for moods. You accomplish nothing if you do that. Your mind must know it has got to get down to work.”
Pearl S. Buck Nobel Prize-winning American author

Some students say that they don’t want to study because they are not in the mood, and tend to think of how to avoid studying, instead of thinking of how to study. No occupation, however, allows people to avoid their duty. If a professional boxer says that he wants to quit fighting, because he is not in the mood during a match, his opponent would beat him badly and knock him out within a minute.

If a maker of Tokyo's famous chick-shaped snack Hiyoko says "I don’t want to make chick-shaped snacks anymore, I think I’ll make chicken-shaped snacks instead", customers would have to hold heavy souvenirs under their arms and ride on Shinkansen. Their rival, "Tokyo Banana", maker of another famous Tokyo souvenir, would be more than happy about it.

If a taxi driver says, "I'm not in the mood to drive, I want to see the Pacific Ocean instead", during a drive to the station with a customer, and instead goes to Atami, a place famous for hot springs, the customer would be surprised by their sudden vacation.

If you are a professional in any job, you must do your job, even if you are not in the mood. The same is true for students. Even if you are not in the mood, if you start and continue your studies, you can accomplish great goals.



パール・サイデンストリッカー・バック ノーベル賞受賞のアメリカの作家





not in the mood 気分が乗らない(in the mood 気分が乗って)
souvenir (名)土産、記念品
customer (名)客、顧客
the Pacific Ocean 太平洋
accomplish (他動)〜を成し遂げる


他人のせいにせず、自分の勉強に責任を持とう Don't blame others and take your responsibility.

Don't blame others and take responsibility for yourself
"The price of greatness is responsibility."
~ Winston Churchill, British prime minister

We often blame others or our environment for the result of our study.
Blame usually sounds something like this; Teachers are not interesting and teach poorly or they are wears same shirts every day, the textbooks are no good, or not entertaining, and it is too hot or cold to study for a long time. If problems continue, we will start to blame the Earth or alignment of stars.
Stop blaming others and start to take full responsibility for our studies.
Nobody can eat food or get nutrition for you, and similarly, nobody can study for you.
If you take responsibility and care about the food you eat, you can have a delicious and balanced diet. We can say the same thing for our studies. If we take responsibility for our studying, we can receive better result.



ウィンストン・チャーチル 英国首相




responsibility (名)責任
take responsibility 責任を取る
environment (名)環境
blame (他動)非難する
alignment (名)配置、配列、並び
nutrition (名)栄養分、食事、栄養摂取
balanced (形)バランスの取れた、偏りのない
diet (名)(日常の)飲食物


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